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NuCollagen manufacturers pure, natural collagen for your stem cell media needs. 

Our mission is to provide timely, high-quality, virus-free products to meet your strict production requirements.


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Every product we make is done so with FDA-inspected procedures and is fully-compliant with Good Guidance Practices (GGPs) set forth to ensure safety at every step of the way.

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Purified collagen for stem cell media


NuCollagen is committed to manufacturing pure, virus-free collagen for your lab-grown stem cell project.  Our manufacturing processes are built upon years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry with the quality standards that you would expect from an industry leader.  From the products we manufacture to our dedicated customer service and support, we know what’s important for your project to succeed. 


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Collagen and its many uses 

The types of collagen 

The stem cell is the future of scientific progress

A contractor in charge of building a three-story home will begin by creating a 3D scaffolding and next a framework of empty floors and walls--the work to follow then will build the home within that framework.  Likewise, scientists in the lab may mimic nature by creating a 3D framework of collagen and then promote the growth of stem cells to create tissue to fill in this matrix.  The possibilities are seemingly endless for the creation of tissues.

What is collagen?
Collagen is naturally present in our skin and in most body tissues to include blood vessels and cartilage.  It's critical to the repair of skin and damaged tissues.  It's responsible for skin tone, flexibility and elasticity.

  • Type I - Found in tendons, bones, skin and other tissues, it's the richest collagen in the body
  • Type II, IX, X, XI - Cartilage
  • Type III - The "fountain of youth" collagen, it's found in fast-growing tissues and keeps you looking young
  • Type IV - A membrane in the capillaries
  • Type V, VI - A type of collagen that forms fibers and found along with Type I
  • Type VII - Found in the epithelia
  • Type VIII - Found in the lining of blood vessels
  • Type XII - Found with and interacting with Type I collagen

Collagen is the most abundant human protein and the main component of connective tissues.  It's characterized as a structural protein in function, the scaffolding of our bodies.

Collagen is one of the most useful biomaterials known.  It has excellent biocompatibility and safety due to its biological characteristics, biodegradability and weak antigenicty.  Major applications of collagen as drug delivery systems are collagen shields in ophthalmology, sponges for burns/wounds, mini-pellets and tablets for protein delivery, gel formulation in combination with liposomes for sustained drug delivery, as controlling material for transdermal delivery, nanoparticles for gene delivery and basic matrices for cell culture systems.  It is used for tissue engineering including skin replacement, bone substitutes, and artificial blood vessels and valves.  At NuCollagen, we offer purified, sterile, soluble, Type 1 collagen, produced under cGMP, certified BSE free, and available at 3 mg/mL.

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Collagen promises to unlock the potential of scientific research by providing a 3D matrix environment for attachment, growth and assay of stem cells

We offer only natural collagen

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